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Meet Bea Krinke

Bea Krinke

"My fascination with food began while growing up on a farm. I didn’t always appreciate working with food, especially in the heat of August while harvesting and preserving cucumbers. Or while milking cows before heading off to the school bus during high school. But I loved biology, chemistry, nutrition’s role in growth and development, and the sociological roles of food in various cultures. My dietetics career allows me to appreciate food and how it can bring people together."

U. Beate Krinke, PhD, MPH, RD, LN, has been an active registered dietitian since 1972. She currently serves as adjunct instructor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. Bea has extensive experience in food service, clinical dietetics, and diabetes and weight management and education. She is a contributing author to the textbook, Nutrition Through the Life Cycle. She obtained her PhD and Masters of Public Health and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota.