Suddenly summer: Refreshing drinks

Maybe it’s the sudden arrival of summer that has made me more aware of the calories I drink. Or maybe it’s a matter of trying to zip those shorts I pulled out of the bottom of the drawer. But I’m remembering a tidbit of information from past weight management classes: 100 additional calories a day lead to a gain of 10 pounds a year. On a smaller scale, a mere 10 extra calories (10, like in a small bite of cookie) lead to a gain of a pound over a year’s time. Which brings me back to what’s in my glass. Iced tea without sugar …0 calories. Sweetened iced tea or lemonade…100 calories. Yes, there is some vitamin nutrition (12% of the Daily Value of vitamin C in 8 fluid oz (= 1 cup) of lemonade reconstituted from frozen besides the 107 calories worth of energy; 47% of the DV of vitamin C in 8 fl oz if made from scratch), but for me, not enough to trade for all those sugary calories. At least not today – maybe when the State Fair rolls around.

Since the heat is not letting up, I am stocking my refrigerator with sun tea (no heating up the kitchen required), mint tea (5% of the day’s manganese) or ice water with mint leaves (got a plant from the neighbor and it is growing out of control), and juices that mix well with club or diet soda on lots of ice. If 100 extra calories a day lead to 10 extra pounds a year, maybe 100 fewer calories a day can help me zip those shorts a little easier. Being refreshed AND staying hydrated in a healthy way sounds good right now.