Nutritional Analysis of Recipes and Food Product Formulas

Nutrition Profiles applies years of experience with food, nutrition science, and nutrient data bases to provide reliable nutritional analyses for your recipes or product’s list of ingredients.

We provide help with decisions about which nutrients to list or how to display the nutrients provided.  Bea Krinke can offer a registered dietitian’s perspective.  She will draw on examples from over 20 years of doing nutrient analysis to help you decide what is best for your audience.  

We help you choose one or more of several report options:

  • The Daily Values Report lists amounts of nutrients and percentages of the recommended DV per serving, most useful for the Nutrition Facts panel
  • The Nutrients Per Food Report helps to track sources of any of the 40 plus nutrients in the data base, such as sodium or carbohydrate.  This report is useful when you are trying to achieve certain nutrient levels (e.g. high fiber) or limit others (e.g. sodium)
  • The Nutrient Totals Report lists any or all of the nutrients included in the data base
  • The Foods Report lists and describes the ingredients entered into the recipe’s analysis.  This report is useful as a record of the recipe and for determining the total number of servings of various components, such as fruits and vegetables servings.
  • The Food Group Totals Report shows portions of various food groups present in a serving  
  • The Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Report shows the GI values of 1 serving of your recipe, useful for specialty books and articles