Nutritional Analysis of Recipes and Food Product Formulas

Nutrition Profiles applies years of experience with food, nutrition science, and nutrient data bases to provide reliable nutritional analyses for your recipes or product’s list of ingredients.

Nutrition Consulting Services

  • Interpretation of the nutritional analysis and translating numbers for a health context
  • Evaluation of existing nutrition data and dietary guidance to better reach a specific audience

Services for Cookbook Publishers

Nutrition Profiles can provide nutrition analysis for large or small cookbooks.

Services for Newspapers

Nutrition Profiles can provide consistent, quick turn-around to meet newspaper deadlines.

Services for Magazines, Blogs, & Websites

Nutrition Profiles can provide nutrition information for recipes published in advertorials, stories, columns, promotional pamphlets, blogs, or on websites offering recipes for company products.

Product Labeling

Whenever you seek to include nutrition information on your new or existing products, Nutrition Profiles can help you translate your ingredient list to per serving nutrition information that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires on labels.